Complete Birthing Your Dream Course! Divinely Designed With You In Mind To Help You Birth Your Dream! Created by Five Time #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Spiritual Midwife and Coach, Christine Gilliam Hornback

Learn How to Birth and Fulfill Your Dream of Becoming an Author! Spiritually, Emotionally & Physically

You've longed to become an Author! You have a wonderful life story to write, but why haven't you written it?

 The following three answers are usually why people do not fulfill their Dreams! 

1. You think it's too late to birth their dreams!

 2. You have Fear of Failure!

 3. You Physically do not know how to get started!

This is why I created the Complete Birthing Your Dream 3 Program Course. I wanted to prove that regardless of your age, regardless of fear, or your knowledge of a computer etc. this course will take you from Conception of your Dream to the Complete Birthing of Your Dream Book! The Birthing Your Dream Course will help you to kick fear to the curb and move forward with your Dream? Finally, this course will help you to physically learn how to do your book on a computor. 

Are you finished with the excuses.... If so lets go!

 3 Full Programs to make up this Complete Course with a total of 17 Video Lessons plus so much more to help you Birth Your Dream ~ Spiritually, Emotionally, & Physcially! 

You will also Receive the Following BONUSES: Support From Private Facebook Group Coaching Membership and A Live Stragedy Call! 

You're going to be blessed. Each Program in this course is designed to help you to become a successful Author. You will get around 10 hours of Real and Raw Video Transformation and Inspirational Instruction! Plus you will also receive all of the Worksheets to each of the Programs! Are you Ready to Take a Leap of Faith and Finally Become a Doer of Your Dream NOW?

Regular Price of the 3 Programs when Sold Separately Priced : $973.00

Your price for the Complete How to Birth and Fulfill Your Dream of Becoming An Author Course with all the Worksheets and BONUSES IS Only : $794 Which is equivalent to actually getting my Author's Workshop Program completely FREE.

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You will learn how to Go from Conception to Birthing and Nurturing Your Dream in the following 5 Steps!

  • Concieve (Watch This Step FREE)
  • Contend
  • Carry
  • Compel
  • Complete

Complete with a FREE Download of Christine's #1 Amazon Bestselling Book. Also Includes Worksheets,

5 Steps to Birthing Your Dream 

A Spiritual Midwife's Manual

This Lesson is full of Practical life lessons to encourage you! It is never too late to Birth Your Dream! Even if you weren't writing a Book, this Program is designed to help you in any area to use your God-given gifts and talents to go forward!


You will learn how to Put Your Life in Drive and kick the Fear of Failure and Doubt to the Curb in the following 7 Keys! Comes with FREE Download of Christine's #1 Amazon Bestselling Book 7 Keys to Put Your Life in Drive and Worksheets!

  • Key #1 Seatbelt
  • Key #2 Start the Car
  • Key #3 Idle
  • Key #4 Rearview Mirror
  • Key #5 Reverse
  • Key #6 Drive
  • Key #7 Park 

In this lesson, I'm pulling back the curtain on my own Life to show you how I moved beyond my fears to become a #1 Bestselling Author and to Put My Life In Drive Again.  


In this Part of the Course, you will learn how to actually get to Work on your Story/Book! You will realize that you are the only one who can tell your story! You will learn the following practical steps to doing your Manuscript!

  •  Your Manuscript/Your Story
  • Copy and Paste to Save Time
  • Inserting Images
  • Inserting Hyperlinks
  • Editing Your Manuscript

This Lesson comes with Worksheets that are complete with Screenshots or images that show you exactly what everything should look like as Christine walks personall walks you through the videos in order for you to learn the steps! Plus it comes with great BONUS and FREE Resource Information!

This is literally learning how to write your Manuscript in a Word Document to get it ready to either submit to Agents or Publishers, or I can continue to Coach you if you choose to Self-Publish as I have Self-Published 8 books 4 of which are #1 Bestsellers! 

Normal price of Course packed full of Value and Bonuses with Nearly 10 Hours of Videos which make up 3 Full Programs, 17 Lessons and Valuable Worksheets, 2 of Christine's #1 Bestselling Book Downloads, Group Coaching and One Free Strategy Call Where Christine Will Help You Map Out A Strategy To Fulfill Your Dream!  

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